Outpatient Surgery

We provide anesthesia services to multiple outpatient locations throughout Bellingham.  Whether you are having a knee arthroscopy at Pacific Rim or a cataract replacement at Bellingham Surgery Center, you can be certain that you will receive the highest quality of anesthesia care our community can offer.

Even though each outpatient surgery center is slightly different, the basics of patient care are the same.  On the day of your surgery, you will be checked in and registered by one of the nurses.  You will then meet one of our physicians who will be your anesthesiologist during your surgery.  After reviewing your medical and surgical history, your anesthesiologist will discuss your options and develop the plan for your anesthetic.  A variety of types of anesthesia are appropriate for outpatient surgeries, so we encourage you to discuss your preferences with your anesthesiologist.  This is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have regarding anesthesia or your surgery.

After meeting with your operating room nurse, anesthesiologist, and surgeon, you will be walked back to the operating room.  If you do not already have an IV in place, one will be started.  It will be used to deliver the medications for anesthesia and sedation, as well as IV fluid.  You will also be connected to our monitors which follow your vital signs during your surgery.  Your anesthesiologist will then start administering your sedation or anesthesia.  There is always an anesthesiologist present during your surgery to monitor you and ensure you are comfortable or asleep.

At the end of your surgery, you will awaken and be transferred to the recovery room.  The nurses in the recovery area will ensure you pain and nausea free.  They will also get you ready to return home.